188% Sales Growth

Year-over-year increase in ecommerce revenue sales growth, when comparing January 1 - April 21, 2020 to the same period for the prior year (2019).

Collaborative Effort

BeeSmart is responsible for some of this growth; LoLo is responsible for the rest. It’s a team effort resulting in an overall jump in sales revenue from 2019 to 2020.

37.5% Follower Increase

Instagram followers increased by 37.5%, from March 1 – April 22, 2020, as compared to follower count on 2/29/2020. This represents over 600 new, and engaged, followers.

More Potential Customers

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we continued some influencer marketing and outbound engagement for LoLo. Those efforts led to more followers.

92% Engaged Increase

Instagram post engagements increased by 92%, from March 1 – April 22, 2020, as compared to the prior 50 days. This represents 1,200 more engagements.

Messaging Matters

During the worst of the initial Covid-19 outbreak, LoLo saw a jump in Instagram post engagements. We believe the messaging change played a big part.

Project Brief

How does an ecommerce survive a worldwide crisis like Covid-19? By quickly changing marketing strategy and messaging. Early in the crisis, we reached out to LoLo Body Care to suggest strategic shifts. Through collaboration and brainstorming, BeeSmart and LoLo came up with a plan to change messaging, tone, and frequency on social media and email marketing. We also refocused our influencer marketing solely on an already successful, targeted niche.


  • Covid-19 economic impact on customers

  • Short timeline for change

  • Prioritize opportunities

  • Promoting with situational awareness


  • Change tone in content

  • Reinvest time with targeted niche

  • Support LoLo’s email marketing efforts

  • Stay true to brand messsage & values

“Your services are critical to my sales growth and sanity.”    Kismet, founder

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Shopify-marketing-strategy_3 of 3 LoLo

Skills Needed

BeeSmart relied on several skills to help LoLo during the pandemic. Through collaboration and trust, the teams found a way to seize opportunities during this time to help this indie maker survive, without being overly opportunistic. The number one priority for both teams was kindness for LoLo’s customers and key contacts. The focus was how to help those followers practice self-care during this time.

Collaboration & Creativity
Responsiveness & Speed
Instagram Marketing

About LoLo Body Care

LoLo Body Care is a steward of the environment, and the beings who live in it. LoLo believes kindness embodies an eco-friendly lifestyle: reducing, recycling, reusing, and re-purposing. Adventure can happen while standing still, sitting comfortably, or moving fast, and LoLo supports those adventures. Their social missions include supporting eco-friendly efforts and supporting small businesses around the world through funding micro-loans.

BeeSmart’s Perspective

Working with LoLo Body Care is a refreshing experience. Kismet, the founder, is a creative and rambunctious spirit that infuses those qualities in all of LoLo’s products. Her unwavering commitment to LoLo’s social missions inspires the BeeSmart team. The indie maker influencer marketing we’ve implemented for LoLo has been especially rewarding. We’re proud to be affiliated with her company, and look forward to helping LoLo and Kismet enjoy continued growth from our online sales for small batch creators programs.

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